Our Role in the Wound Care Coverage Environment

In order to be a successful provider via insurance entitlements one must remain proactively informed regarding the ever-changing rules, regulations, qualifications and requirements. Tyler Medical believes one of the main reasons for our success is our continued efforts to stay informed and to adhere to all guidelines and regulations set forth. We truly enjoy sharing this success and information with our clients. Throughout various points in our existence, Tyler Medical has made our voice heard helping to shape some of Medicareā€™s changes.

In early 1995 Tyler Medical Supplies, working with the NPUAP (National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) and the Wound Coalition, was asked to comment on the Surgical Dressing Policy. Our company developed the formulas that Medicare used to determine the utilization guidelines for the amount of amorphous hydrogel and Multidex Powder required to treat various wounds. This guideline remained the industry standard up until January 2011.

Tyler Medical was heavily involved in the successful lobbying efforts regarding the striking of H.R. 2425, a Medicare spending bill that would have devastated Medicare beneficiaries, facilities and providers alike. Although this bill never made it through congress, H.R. 2425 served as an advanced warning of possible future events. In analyzing the spirit of this defunct Medicare spending bill, Tyler Medical used H.R. 2425 to plan for later Medicare legislative changes. This put Tyler Medical and our clients ahead of our competition.

Tyler Medical has watched countless Medicare Part B Provider companies come and go. Even some of the largest corporations do not spend enough time researching and educating. We have seen entire wound care product lines become immediately obsolete because of inadequate investigation and planning. The main reason for these companies’ failure was lack of preparation and knowledge.

Our proactive approach to ever-changing coverage guidelines, regulations and requirements has set Tyler Medical apart from our competitors. When we succeed, the true winners are our clients! PPS (Prospective Pay System) has been a reality for some time now for all Medicare certified skilled nursing facilities.’ PPS basically is a per-diem that the facility is given to cover all patient costs during their first one hundred days following admission to the facility. This per-diem is provided through the patientsā€™ Medicare Part A benefits. Many other insurance carriers follow a similar protocol. During this time wound care dressings are included in the per-diem and must be provided by the facility. They are not covered separately until the PPS period (the 1st 100 days in the facility) ends. With the ever increasing cost of wound care dressings this can easily be a financial burden on the budget of any nursing facility.

It is clear that nursing facilities are going to have to find ways to minimize expenses and maximize income. Tyler Medical can help your organization do both. Not only can we help your company minimize expenses and maximize income, but we can also keep your organization informed. Accurate and timely information will allow companies like yours thrive now and in the years to come. Tyler Medical is a winning solution in many areas for any facility looking to tighten their budget and/or keep informed of current wound care products, guidelines and regulations.

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