We have worked diligently to make the complicated rules and regulations of wound care dressing coverage as simple as possible for our clients. Tyler Medical continues to break through the documentation maze. We have spent hundreds of hours refining our system so that claims get paid. Our wound care program has stood the test of time because we have accomplished the following:

In general, our system works as following:

Step I – A designated representative of the facility provides the necessary information to Tyler Medical to process an order.

Step II – Tyler Medical will work with the representative to confirm that the order is clinically sound and meets all applicable guidelines.

Step III – Tyler Medical will generate all of the necessary paperwork required to complete the order. The facility representative will only need to review, sign and date the paperwork.

Step IV – The product is shipped by Tyler Medical along with the generated paperwork (as noted above) to the facility representative.

Step V – Tyler Medical will generate and issue the physician’s order for his / her signature and date.

Step VI – Tyler Medical will bill the order to the applicable insurance carrier once all signed paperwork is received.

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Tyler Medical Supplies, Inc. is a nationwide provider of therapeutic wound care and surgical dressings. [read more…]

Why Choose TMS?

We have spent hundreds of hours refining our system so that claims get paid. We only provide wound care. It is our specialty and we excel in wound care in comparison to our “one stop shop” competitors.


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